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Jango is a free online music streaming service available worldwide. it offers various playlists chosen by music experts to meet every user’s mood.


UX Designer in a team of 2


4 Weeks


User Experience, Research, & Usability Testing

Project overview

This project was given by an instructor that was in need of a redesign.

I selected jango because I have experience with using music platforms such as Apple music, Soundcloud and Spotify.

The Challenge →

How can we give Jango the update it needs to stay on trend with its competitors?

Goal 01

Improve the mobile interface and revamp the brand identity to create trust with the user. 

Goal 02

Further, improve user flow to guide users to navigate the app with ease.

Goal 03

Ensure that it is mobile responsive to meet user needs 

Meet the user

I created a persona to represent an ideal user for Jango.

In order to design the mobile website, we will first need to understand who is using it. Music is a way of life and without it, the world would be boring. Because of websites like Jango, we are able to stream over 30 million songs for free as of February 2016. With great insight into the world of music, I was able to create a persona for Jango.

Journey map

The journey map is to give you a better understanding of the user journey and to determine some of the pain points.

Before I started to define the problems of Jango, I first had to create a user journey map to help me better determine the pain points and goals. Starting from actions all the way to finding opportunities within Jango.

Defining pain points

  1. When searching for an artist or album, the website does not auto recommend anything for the user.

  2. No sort of guidance on the navigation to guide the use of where to discover new stations.

  3. Overall UI could be more mobile user friendly. Such as the landing page does not allow you to jump to another page unless you choose a station or enter your favourite artist. Also, the “Explore” page can be more discoverable for users to navigate with ease and can be less cluttered.

User flow

Once I was able to understand the user pain points about Jango.

I created a user flow before starting on my sketches as I wanted to know how the user would connect and navigate through the brand new modernized mobile version of Jango. 


After understanding the user flow and the overall goal or the end-user.

My vision for the mobile version of Jango was a lot more clearer to create my wireframes.

Log In

By creating a more simplistic log in page, it creates a less cluttered landing page to log in.

Landing Page

Simplified the navigation of the app to allow the user to spend less time scrolling and it ables them to find what station they are looking for with ease.

For You

Is a more personalized page where the user can see what you played most recently to see what you have on rotation on a weekly basis.

Music Player

A new simplistic music player designed for the user to easily favourite their tracks or quickly jump back to the home page to switch stations.


After understanding the user flow and the overall goal or the end-user.

During the brainstorming session, we discovered three solutions that we could implement in improving the overall UX aspect of RYU. The three recommendations include the following below:

01. Solution

Create an easier flow for users to discover new stations based on their selection

02. Solution

Redesign the layout of the app to create a more user-friendly streaming mobile.

03. Solution

Offer better recommendations based on users choice of music


In conclusion, I had a lot of fun redesigning this website to a mobile version for Jango. I was able to identify some key pain points and solve them with the newly redesigned mobile web. It definitely blows my mind as to how small of a change you can make to a music streaming service such as adding a list of recommendation to the search bar can make a huge effect to the end user or even redesigning the overall user flow within the mobile web such :as the landing page and home page can give the user an easier interaction with the web.

Invision prototype 

If you would like to test my revised version of the prototype, please click here.